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A Virtual Convening with BlackSpace & NextCity | Aug. 6-7

Reclaiming Spaces & Places will assemble urbanists and community leaders for a 2-day event of virtual learning and exchange. 

Spaces and Places, born of the necessity to be acknowledged within the built environment, has embarked on its most unique and ambitious convening since its conception. Now in its fourth year, the annual grassroots (un)conference was hosted digitally in partnership with BlackSpace and Next City. This year’s theme, titled Reclaiming, aimed to position BIPOC urbanists, designers, and activists as defiant catalysts for liberation and equity.

The SESSION on Day 1 brought together speakers and a moderator for a panel presentation, and the WORKSHOP on Day 2 will brought together participants for dialogue and conversation. Both are organized around the following topics:

  • Reclaiming Our History: Reckoning with Our Past to Build Our Future

  • Reclaiming Our Present: Protect and Strengthen Culture

  • Reclaiming Our Future: Manifest the Future

Day 2 included virtual networking at a HAPPY HOUR brought to us by BlackSpace.

At Spaces and Places, we highlight innovative people and projects that exemplify the spirit of reclamation but also encourage our attendees—and our communities—to reflect on the reclamation of space in their own lives, to build and maintain relationships with others, and to commit to developing and implementing their own innovative solutions. Our intention is that the time is engaging, interactive, and generative. This charge is not intended to be reactionary or an inflection point as the work toward liberation and freedom is an ongoing effort, but a call to action. It is a demand for a better version of our society, one that is fair, equitable, and just.

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